Capture Higher Ed

CBE for Graduate & Professional Studies Enrollment

Higher ed's premier tool for marketing automation, bringing B2C tech to graduate & professional studies enrollment. CBE allows you to track prospective students online to identify, rank and convert anonymous visitors to enrolled students.

Convert Enrollments

Increase Inquiries

Strategically craft campaigns to meet your goals through a managed service.

Utilize the Daily Visitor Report to prioritize counselor outreach.

Capture two types of stealth inquires based off online affinity and progressive identification. 

Prioritize Resources

Shape Your Class

Trigger online displays, email, direct mail and text messaging to influence application and enrollment.

We've tracked over 20 million visitors from around the world on our partners' websites! Check out the live tracker to see who's browsing now!

CBE is the new student recruitment strategy in Graduate & Professional Recruitment. Let us show you how it works.