Capture Higher Ed

be•hav•ior•al en•gage•ment

def. An innovative solution that represents the next generation in advancement technology. It monitors behavioral data from your visitors and provides tools to message them in real-time when they're engaged with your site.

/ bih-hayv-yer-al en-geyj-muhnt /

We track, analyze and report on real-time behavior on our partners’ websites to learn more about their constituency and communicate with them effectively.

  • Daily Alerts of High Capacity Alumni Activities
  • Annual Fund Segmentation Driven by Individual Affinity
  • Real-time Appeals Generated When & Where Alumni Engage

CBE: Now Serving Your Advancement Needs

Welcome to the Future of Higher Ed Advancement

Capture Behavioral Engagement will help you automate and streamline your marketing efforts, allowing you to communicate with alumni and donors when it matters most.

CBE code can be placed on your site in a matter of minutes.

Simple to Start

CBE’s visitor stream will allow you to see who’s on your site in real time.

Real-Time Data

Target prospects based on their behaviors on your site.

Smarter Strategy

Seeing is Believing!

How will discovery change with daily email alerts of high capacity alumni visiting campus websites yesterday? How will annual fund rates improve with custom, timely, highly meaningful digital solicitations? How will cultivation improve with daily alerts of portfolio activity?    

See how Capture’s software, CBE, identifies individual points of affinity to generate impactful annual fund appeals and alert gift officers of high capacity alumni activity.

Make a 20-minute investment in the next generation of donor engagement.