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Capture Recruitment Intelligence (CRI) is the premier, state-of-the art student survey platform that offers your marketing and enrollment teams actionable intelligence to increase your yield efforts, while also giving you valuable knowledge on the strength of your brand. By leveraging real-time insights, your institution can provide prospective students with the information they require to make a decision about where they will attend.


  • Target your junior, sophomore, and freshman inquiry pools
  • Measure the strength of your brand to develop messaging that resonates
  • Understand how your institution is positioned among your direct competitors

Pre-Recruitment Survey

  • Target your senior admitted students
  • Improve your yield by leveraging real-time insights 
  • Reach out to students and address their specific needs with actionable intelligence

Yield Survey


  • Intelligence to Improve Yield: CRI tells your enrollment managers how to attract and enroll specific students. It’s not just a research survey, looking to answer broad, long term issues. Rather, CRI provides immediate and actionable intelligence to improve your yield.
  • Create Messaging that Resonates: CRI’s Capture Brand Positioning Scale will help your marketing team drive effective messaging that resonates with prospective students. 
  • Real-Time Results: When attracting students and shaping your class, we know timing is everything. CRI passes along data as it comes in, getting you the information you need to act quickly.

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