Capture Higher Ed

Social Media and Digital Marketing: 

Tips to Boost Your Graduate Recruitment


Presented by Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine's Dr. Stanley Kania

 and Capture Higher Ed's Jack Klett

How should graduate recruitment and enrollment marketing professionals leverage social media and e-marketing to assist in their important work? 

This is a question that is often asked, and Capture is fortunate to be joined by Dr. Stanley Kania who will share the results of his published study on the topic. Dr. Kania recently presented his findings as part of NAGAP's Perspectives journal, and also at the PAGAP annual meeting. Dr. Kania will be joined by Capture's Director of Graduate Initiatives, Jack Klett. Together, they will unpack the study's findings and provide meaningful insights to help drive the work of Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) professionals. 

Discover which social media and e-marketing strategies are showing the greatest promise. Learn meaningful outreach and engagement strategies. Understand the role of budget in determining what may be most effective given your potential spend. 


Jack Klett

Director of Online and Graduate Initiatives 

Capture Higher Ed

Stanley Kania, Ph.D

Enrollment Management Recruiter

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine 

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