5 Rules of Reengagement

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5 Rules of Reengagement
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Aspiring graduate students can take a long time to make decisions about grad school under the most normal circumstances. Often, graduate admission offices can have prospects sitting in inquiry status for months, even years!

How to Energize Your Graduate Prospects in the New COVID-19 Landscape

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5 Rules of Reengagement.

But let’s face it. Graduate prospects (as well as just about everyone else in the world) have had plenty of distraction and disruption in recent months to slow down any decision process. How do institutions keep these long-incubating inquiries — many of whom had their graduate school search profoundly interrupted by COVID-19 — engaged? 

Shortly before COVID-19 reached American shores, Capture published a white paper that outlined five ways to reengage and energize your stagnant graduate funnel. Do these 5 Rules of Reengagement still apply in this vastly changed recruitment landscape? Yes. More than ever.