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Outcomes-Based Pricing paper

Identifying prospective students and converting them to applicants at the industry's highest rates is now easier for budget-constrained universities thanks to Capture's new Outcomes-Based Pricing Model, the first and only of its kind in enrollment management.

Sharing the Risk, Sharing the Journey

Capture products and solutions included
in the new pricing model:

Search Consulting: Uses historical applicant features to pinpoint the most successful markets and the right-fit prospects.

Behavioral Email Series: Delivers the right message at the right time through a dynamic, behavioral-based email strategy.

Digital Advertising: Uses everything from email targeting to social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise and build brand awareness online.  

ENGAGE: Automates and personalizes timely engagement while also identifying prospects.

APPLY: Combines machine learning and marketing automation to make highly accurate and useful application predictions.

If you would like to read more about Capture’s outcomes-based pricing model download this brief overview.

This innovative pricing structure allows colleges and universities across the country to achieve their application goals by:   

  • Identifying students who do not engage in traditional channels. 
  • Engaging prospects virtually and relevantly. 
  • Amplifying current staff capacity with Capture’s team of experts. 
  • Using predictive models to ensure engagement with the right students. 
  • And much more.

Outcomes-Based Pricing

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