Capture Higher Ed

International Intelligence: Strategies to Include in Your International Recruitment Plan

Presented by Capture's Jack Klett 

and Ohio University Graduate College's Andy Ray, Ph. D.


Recruiting and enrolling international students takes more than simply dusting off the passport, hopping on a plane and talking with prospective students. In fact, there are many ways to engage international students without leaving the country.

Listen in while Ohio University Graduate College's Director of International Student Services Andy Ray and Capture Higher Ed's Director of Online and Graduate Initiatives Jack Klett talk about many strategies used for the effective recruitment and enrollment of international students. We will explore the answers to key questions, such as: 

  • What is the number one way prospective international students are engaging with US colleges & universities? 
  • Are international recruiting agents helpful in communicating your message abroad?
  • How can the messages of a welcoming and inclusive campus community best be conveyed? 
  • What role do international scholarships play in yielding an admitted international student? 

Discover how targeted messaging can power your international student recruitment efforts, while also making meaningful connections with prospective international students. Not every institution can send team members abroad. This webinar will examine a comprehensive approach to formulating your international recruitment plan.

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