What is a Data Scientist? Could an algorithm ever do the job of an admissions officer? How can we start re-thinking financial aid? How do you recruit using predictive models built on enrollment history?

These are some of the questions explored in-depth by Dr. Thom Golden and Dr. Brad Weiner during their ongoing podcast, The Weightlist. Featuring guests from many walks of life, including academics, technology and business, The Weightlist navigates topics in data, enrollment management, data science and machine learning … with a little beer, music and tacos thrown in for good measure.

Check out what Dr. Thom and Dr. Brad are thinking and drinking today!


A great deal of social science (read: enrollment management) research utilizes statistical testing. This research probably wouldn’t have gotten published if its effects were not “statistically significant”. But what does that mean exactly? In this episode, Thom and Brad delve into the origins of p-values, how they can be used and misused, and why statisticians the world over are arguing that “significance” is no longer significant.

Episode 35 - The Insignificance of Significance

Episode 29 - The Weightlist LIVE at NACAC Part 2 with Jen Dewar

Episode 30 - The Campus Visit: Towards a Customer Delight Model

Episode 31 - School Counseling and Catching Foul Balls with Ross Wolfson

Episode 32 - Beyond the Sound Bite: A Dive into Federal Financial Aid Policy with Justin Draeger

Episode 33 - Enrollment Science with Brock Tibert

Episode 34 - Kentucky Derby Special

Meet Your Hosts

Who are the voices behind The WeightList podcast? Meet the leaders of Capture’s Data Science team.

Thom Golden, Ph.D.

Vice President of Data Science

As Vice President of Data Science, Thom brings 14 years of higher education experience with a focus in enrollment management, strategic marketing and psychometrics and development psychology. He previously served as a Senior Recruitment Strategist at Vanderbilt University.

Brad Weiner, Ph.D.

Director of Data Science

Capture’s Director of Data Science boasts 13 years in higher education, including admissions, research and analytic advisory roles. He is the former analyst for the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at the University of Minnesota.